Ethics and Compliance

Our Ethics and Compliance programme is structured around four key areas: Business Ethics, Anti-Corruption, Data Protection Compliance and Procurement Compliance.


Business Ethics

Business Ethics at Actavia covers areas such as conflicts of interest, anti-competitive conduct, insider trading, fraud, and is summarized in our Code of Conduct Policy.


Our anti-corruption policy summarises our stance of zero tolerance and it covers key anti-corruption risk areas, such as the engagement of third parties, gifts and hospitality exchange and the making of sponsorships and donations.

Data Protection Compliance

Actavia handle personal data in accordance with applicable data privacy laws at national, European and international level.

Procurement Compliance

Actavia suppliers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which operations are managed or services provided. In addition, wherever suppliers are located, all business should be conducted in a manner compatible with the Actavia Code of Conduct.